One Year Later (Part 2)

This is the second post in a 2-part series reflecting one year after we found out our son would have Down syndrome. You can find Part 1 here. Following our diagnosis, we had limitless support from our family, friends, doctors, and our local DS organization. But we still didn’t have our baby in our arms yet. There was so much we didn’t know about him and all we had were statistics and other people’s stories to try to piece together an image of what our lives would look like. Stats and probabilities weren’t really doing a great job painting a picture of the future. Here are some of the things our doctor wasn’t able to tell us about our son that day. Continue reading


One Year Later (Part 1)

20 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant with Owen


One year ago today we got the call. The one that changed our lives. Actually we got the call the night before. On May 9th, the day that we were told that there was a 50% chance that our baby had Down syndrome, I had blood drawn for a MaterniT21 test. On May 16th, 2013, we received those results. Continue reading